January 14, 2015

Battle Foam: X-Wing Wave 4, Large Ships, Huge Ships

The foam I ordered from Battle Foam for our added X-Wing miniatures was finally ready to be picked up today (2 weeks from order to pickup).  I sent my son this morning to pick it up so later today/tomorrow we can finally put away the new ships.

I think with these added foam trays, we may need to order a larger bag (I guess we'll find out shortly).

We ordered the Wave 4 expansion, Huge Ships, and the new Large Ship foam trays.  The Large Ship foam tray has room for the new VT-49 x2 and YT-2400 x2, plus additional space for 2x YT-1300, 2x Firespray-31 and 1x Lambda-class Shuttle.  Now we have room for our 3rd YT-1300.  Looks like we'll need a couple more Firespray-31's, Lambda and another YT-2400.

The Huge Ship tray will be housing the Rebel Transport and Tantive IV expansion packs, and the Wave 4 tray will hold all of our Wave 4 expansions (currently housed in spots that fit in our other trays).

Long term goal = fill every spot we have :)


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