January 11, 2015

LotR-LCG 'Journey Down the Anduin'

Date: 1/10/2015
Quest: Journey Down the Andun
Number of Players: 2
Heroes Player 1: Eowyn, Dwalin, Dunhere
Heroes Player 2: Legolas, Gimli, Thalin
Result: Success
Score: 148
Quest Mode: Easy

After four attempts at 'Jouney Down the Anduin' my son and I finally completed the quest on the fifth attempt.  We attempted the quest originally with the same decks we used in 'Passage Through Mirkwood', but that was not workng for us.  So I then elected to play with the 'Spirit' sphere, and my son was playing with the 'Tactics' sphere (he had to give up his Aragorn from the 'Ledership sphere).

When the first attempts with those two spheres failed, we then elected to customize our decks with some of the player cards from the next two Adventure Packs ('The Hunt For Gollum' and 'Conflict At The Carrock') we then also picked up the next expansion 'Khazad Dum' and added a few of those player cards and the hero Dwalin.

After those changes, we actually managed to complete the quest and were in no danger at all to losing the quest.  The 'Spirit' sphere did it's part in keeping my threat costs low, and the 'Tactics' sphere took care of defeating the larger enemies.  Our final score was 148.

After we completed 'Journey Down the Anduin' we then attempted the third quest in the Core set, 'Escape from Dol Guldur' with the same two decks.  This quest is the hardest of the three in the Core set.  From the get go we were doomed........ stay tuned for more on this quest.


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