January 11, 2015

Battle Report: X-Wing 1/10/2015

With the 'Store Championship' season quickly approaching for X-Wing, 'Dark Knight' and I got in another 100 point game in yesterday afternoon.  I wanted to test out a Rebel list that I played once before and wanted to see how it did again.  I know we will more than likely be attending one of the store championships (probably at Empire Games on 3/14/2015) and I may be able to attend at least one more.  My son more than likely will also be attending at least 2-3 himself.

Game: Dogfight
Points: 100

'Wes, Wedge, Luke' [100] (Arrow)
Wes Janson (X-Wing) [30]
[Veteran Instincts]
Wedge Antilles (X-Wing) [33]
Luke Skywalker (X-Wing) [37]
[RD-D2, Draw Their Fire, Shield Upgrade]

'Han Shoots First' [99] (Dark Knight)
Han Solo (YT-1300) [57]
[Millennium Falcon, Marksmanship, Gunner, Dash Rendar]
Rookie Pilot (X-Wing) [21]
Rookie Pilot (X-Wing) [21]

All I can is that I missed flying without a large ship and all the Shields/Hull.  I decided to take a little bit more aggresive approach and go right after the Rookie Pilots.  That was a mistake and I should have concentrated my fire power on Han Solo first.  I did not realize how easily Han was taking damage once I started firing at him, but by the I was already down an X-Wing.

"Arrow's" Starting Fleet

"Dark Knight's" Starting Fleet

Wes, Wedge, Luke concentrate on a Rookie Pilot.

Rookie Pilot #2 shoots down Wes.

With Han's help, Rookie Pilot #2 finishes Luke.

Han takes a close shot at Wedge and destroys him.

With Wedge being the same PS as Han, Wedge
Fires back at Han and brings down the Falcon.

'Dark Knight' got is first win of 2015.  

The Rookie PIlot #2 was the last ship flying and the MVP of the game.

Now it will be time to playtest another list (probably with a large ship in it).


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