June 2, 2020

New "Warhammer Merchandise" Site

Yesterday June 1st 2020, Game Workshop released a new Warhammer Merchandise site for everyone that loves to buy/wear/display their favorite factions in Warhammer.  At first the site is setup for Warhammer 40,000, but Age of Sigmar will be coming shortly.

Unfortunately for now, there were no items for my Imperial Fists (but my son is thrilled they have Dark Angels).  Since technically I do like most of the Imperium, I placed an order for an Imperium Hat, T-Shirt and I-Phone case.  The prices were not too bad (especially on the phone cases) and my total for all three items shipped was $60.00.

Let's just hope we will be able to go someplace shortly so we can display our new items.


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