February 10, 2014

Daily Chronicle: 2/10/2014 'Bolt Action Pin Markers'

Building Pin Markers For Bolt Action

In the game of Bolt Action from Warlord Games whenever a unit gets shot at and suffers a hit, that unit receives a pin marker.  There are many ways you can represent these pin markers; you can purchase the official Pinned Markers, you can use poker chips or anything small like beads. I really like the official markers, but you get 25 in a package and they come unpainted.  Also each one of those markers represent one pin.  Each unit can technically have multiple pin markers applied.  So I decided to go with the beads, but I just did not want to lay the beads down next to each unit and move them all each time my unit moves, so this past weekend I was thinking of an easy and cheap way to accomplish this, I also wanted a solution that really does not take up too much storage space in my dice tray box and I came up with the following solution.

I purchased enough supplies to make 30 pin holders, with each holder having the ability to hold 5 markers.

Parts Required:

1x 'Treehouse Studio' Pony Beads Red (qty 360) $2.99 [Hobby Lobby]
5x 'Everbilt' #6-32x1-1/2 in Machine Screws (qty 6) $1.18 [Home Depot]
3x 'Everbilt' #6 Finishing Washers (qty 10) $1.18 [Home Depot]
1x 'Everbilt' #8 Flat Washer (qty 30) $1.18 [Home Depot]

A #6 Flat Washer can probably also be used, but I thought the #8 was slightly larger and may add a little more weight for support.

There is enough weight at the bottom to keep them stable, the finishing washer provides a larger flat surface for the screw to stand up.  Each screw can hold up to 5 pin markers.  Even if they do tip over, the beads do not really scatter.


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