February 8, 2014

Daily Chronicle: 2/8/2014 'Iwata Neo CN Airbrush'

While visiting my local Hobby Lobby last night to see if they carry Vallejo Model Color paints (which they do now), I decided to pick up my first "real" airbrush.  I currently have a cheap Harbor Freight bottle type airbrush that I use for my 1-2 color RC/Slot Car bodies. but I have been debating about purchasing one for my modeling.

This past week I have been contemplating on how I was going to paint my Soviet Tank.... should I airbrush, should I rattle can, or paint by brush?  I was leaning towards the rattle can, but each can of paint is $13, and in the future I might not be able to find it anymore.  So while I was at Hobby Lobby I came across the airbrushes and saw an Iwata Neo CN gravity airbrush for $70.  I was just texting with my friend earlier in the day and he had mentioned that the Iwata were really good.  I happen to have one of their 40% off coupons on me, so the price of the brush would only be $42.  I figure why not and purchased the airbrush.  I am not greatest airbrusher (at least when it came to my cars) but I figure this would be really good to lay the basecoat down on all my vehicles.

I decided to give the airbrush a try today and apply the initial color to my Tank.....  wow, it was easy....  I also realized I really do not too much paint in the cup when using it.

For now I'll stick with using it on the vehicles, but I may venture off and try to so some base colors on future infantry.

Here is a quick photo of the airbrushed T-34 (obviously more work is still needed on the tank, and the lighting is not ideal.


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