February 18, 2014

Battle Foam: M2 Bag 'Bolt Action'

Last week I placed an order with Battle Foam for a new bag and foam trays for my Bolt Action armies.  It turns out that Battle Foam has an agreement with Warlord Games and makes custom bags just for them.  Yesterday afternoon I received word that my bag was ready to be picked up.

The Battle Foam bags for Warlord Games are called the M2, and they have the Warlord Games logo stitched into the bag and the bag also comes with four patches to represent each of the Warlord Games: Black Powder, Bolt Action, Hail Caeser and Pike & Shotte.  You can order the bag 'empty', 'pluck foam load out', or 'standard load out'.  I was debating about the 'standard load out' with the custom cut trays, but I felt I could probably fit more figures if I went with the 'empty bag' and choose my own foam sizes.

The bag itself can hold 12" of foam.  So when you add up all of the trays you also need to include .25" for each tray (which is the base of the tray).  For example a 1" tray is really 1.25".  Seeing how I already a 1.5" tray I was going to use for this bag to hold my weapon teams, I ordered the following trays:

1x Pluck Foam Tray in 2.5"

Those 7 trays plus the existing 1 I had would total exactly 12".  I already had one of the 72 Troop Foam Trays for my W40K Imperial Guard army, so I was able to test fit my Bolt Action models and they were perfect.  Each one of those Troop Trays will hold 6 squads for each army, or just about an entire 1000 point army allowing me to store multiple armies in the same bag. The 2.5" Pluck Foam Tray was going to be used for my vehicles like Tanks and Half Tracks.

Battle Foam 'M2' Bag: Front.
Battle Foam 'M2' Bag: Back.
Battle Foam 'M2' Bag: Front pocket for rule books.
Battle Foam 'M2' Bag: Side pockets for dice.
Battle Foam 'M2' Bag: Front smaller pockets perfect for my iPad Mini|
with my Army Lists.
Battle Foam 'M2' Bag: All 12" of foam.
Battle Foam 'M2' Bag: 1" 72 Troop Foam Tray.
All of my Soviet Infantry fit into the one tray.
Battle Foam 'M2' Bag: 1.5" existing foam tray.
Battle Foam 'M2' Bag: 2.5" Pluck Foam Tray.


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