February 26, 2014

Bolt Action: United States 'Regular Infantry Squad 2'

Just like Squad 1 that was completed last week, Squad 2 is an exact copy (actually 3 & 4 will eventually be the same also).  My son and I built each squad to be 12 men; 1 NCO w/SMG, 2 BAR's, and 9 Riflemen.  He usually plays the squads as late war infantry with 11 men, and by building it to be 12 men, he can remove one of the BAR's and also play them as a 11 men early war squad.

With 'Gathering in the Desert' now in the books, it was time to get back too painting.  I based and primed the squad on Monday night and once the primer was dry started the painting.  Last night I finished them up along with their bases.

United States: Regular Infantry Squad 02
United States: Regular Infantry Squad 02
Now it's time to move onto some Command models so he can have a fully painted 600 point force, then we will continue on to 1000 points.

Painting Points: 12


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