December 10, 2009

Dark Elves First Game Postponed

After getting all excited about trying out my Dark Elves, packing them all up in their foam trays, loading up the car....... we head out to the Battle Bunker last night, and the sign says "Closed due to bad weather".... ah come on! it was only a few inches of snow...... If I can make it with Arizona plates still on my car, everyone else can........

The night was not a total loss, since I was already out and close to Hobby Lobby, I swung in and picked up some more matte spray and glue.

I also then decided since I had the evening available, I based my 3x10 Warriors with Crossbows. All that's left is the matte spray.

Then I broke out some of my son's Wood Elves that I had started awhile ago and also got some of those done.

I did not get to play, but I did accomplish alot.

Maybe Friday night the DE will hit the table.


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