December 3, 2009

December's Agenda

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Yep, December is already here.

Let's keep this month as real as possible. With the Holidays coming up and visiting family, not sure how much will get done.

So here is what I'd like to get done for the month.

Imperial Guard
1. Finish priming the rest of my Troops for my 1750 point list.
2. Get 3 more Foot Troop units painted (24 guys). This will have all my "Troops" done. Just Command Squads, Special Weapons, Heavy Weapons will be all that's left.
3. Possibly start on a Chimera if I have any primer left over.

Wood Elves
1. Finish rebasing the rest of the Wood Elves.
2. Finish a unit of Glade Guard that I started almost 2 years ago. They are half done. Will try the dip on them.
3. Assemble a unit of Glade Riders that my son receive last year for Christmas. Not sure if I will be building all 8 or just 5. Need to check with my friends who play WE's on whats the best way to run Glade Riders.

Dark Elves
1. Finish up my 3x10 units of Warriors with Crossbows.
2. Finish a unit of Warriors with HW/Shield (20).
3. Assemble another unit of Warriors with HW/Shield (20)

I hope I'm keeping this "real" :)


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