December 3, 2009

WFB: Dark Elves

Since I really love the way my Imperial Guard are looking using the "dip" method from "The Army Painter", I decided yesterday that I will also use this for my Dark Elves army. Over the past year I have been slowly purchasing the models for my army. I am just a Hydra and 7 Black Guard away from having a 2250 point list.

In my list I will have 3x10 units of Warrior Crossbowmen. Started 2 of these units about 2 years ago with a dark blue color scheme where the usual purple is suppose to be. Using the "dip" method, I think the dark blue I chose will be too dark. So last night I picked up a bottle of GW's Mordian Blue Foundation Paint. Today I went through and re-did all the blue on the 2 units. While I was at it, I also completed the third unit. So all 3x10 units are now basecoated and just waiting to be dipped. Not sure if I will do that tonight, or wait for the weekend. Probably the weekend. Tonight I'll probably continue on the bases for the Wood Elves.

Whats next for the Dark Elves.... I'm going to start painting one of the units of Warriors with HW/Shield.

Why am I doing the Dark Elves now? I am running a Spring 2010 Warhammer League here in Illinois that will be starting mid-January. Painted armies is not required. So this will give me a chance to play with a new army while I see them get painted.

Once the units get "dipped", I'll post some pictures.


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