December 13, 2009

W40K: Imperial Guard Leman Russ Executioner

In my 1000 point W40K list for the Adepticon Team Tournament, I will be running the new Leman Russ Executioner.

Today I got a chance to sit down and assemble this new model. I have never built any of the older Leman Russ variant models, but I have already built 4 Chimera's and was not too please with the assembly process on those.

All I can say about the new model is "wow". What a breeze to assemble. Games Workshop did a terrific job with this model. All the wheel tracks are nicely labeled and went together smoothly. I actually really enjoyed putting the model together. I hope the new Hellohound's will go together as easily.

There is going to be a W40K Team Tournament Primer on January 16th that my son and I will be attending. I'm trying to get the last of my list assembled/painted for this event. Painting is not a requirement, but I would like to have most of it done if possible.

Still have 1 Hellhound to assemble and then paint all the Vehicles.


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