December 9, 2009

WFB: Dark Elves Assembled (well almost)

So after Bugman's Bash this past Saturday, I got real itchy on wanting to get my Dark Elves assembled so I can finally give them a whirl. Low and behold, finished them all last night. I still have to place an order this weekend to get my 9 Harpies. That's all that is left for my 2250 pt list.

Assembling the Hydra looked scary, but it actually was not too bad. I used a "rock" to help prop one of the legs to be a little bit more supportive.

Since I dont have the Harpies yet, I am going to try out a 1500 pt version of the list tonight against my son. I have never played Dark Elves so the lower points will be a good learning game. I still will be running 2 Sorcerers so that will good for learning the Dark Magic.

My 3 units of Repeater Crossbows ended up getting "dipped" Sunday night. This Saturday I will finish the bases on them, Matte spray them and call them complete. Next I'll start on a Unit of Warriors with Spear/Shield or maybe a Character. We'll see what kind of mood I'm in.


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