December 3, 2009

Catching Up!

I know, I'm a bad blogger!!!!! November was not a total waste, I did get some things done.

First lets start with my WFB Dwarfs. I did finish everything I wanted to for them in order to compete in the "Core Competency" (even the Miners). "Core Competency" was the weekend of 11/14-11/15 5 games over 2 days. All I can say was that I had a blast. I did not care if I won a game (which I didnt.... 0-4-1) I played to have fun and I did.

There are still some of my older units in my Dwarf army that need their bases redone, but until I need to use them again, I should be good. I have at least 2250 points that are nicely painted and based the same.

Second, I finished basing all the Troops for my ACON TT List and picked up a Leman Russ Exterminator. I still need to get a Hellhound for the list and then I should be good. I'd like to start painting the Chimera's this month, but we'll see, I'm running out of my "Desert Yellow" primer and will have to wait a bit before I can order from Warstore again. I'm using the last of the primer to finish the Troops for my 1750 point list.

Third, I started rebasing my son's WFB Wood Elves army. Again I'm going with my new standard for WFB armies on these guys also. He'll be playing this Saturday in "Bugman's Holiday Bash" that I am running at the Battle Bunker and I'm trying to get as much re-based as possible. I think I'm gonna fall short on a few units. Thats OK, at least they are all painted.

Well that's it for catching up, onto December.


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