June 2, 2019

Battle Report: BMG 6/1/2019 (Batman vs Joker)

Yesterday afternoon it was another game of Batman Miniature Game.  This time I wanted to try a Joker list led by the new 'The Joker (Datk Knight Rises)', although we are still waiting on the models to ship from Spain, I proxied the model with my other 'Joker', this list is more geared to the ranged attack of the game.

Just like in our previous game, we used one our new mats from Mats by Mars, by I changed the rotation of the mat to give us a different look to the game.

We randomly rolled for our game, and it was "Asphalt Jungle".

Even with a lot of bad dice rolls for my 'Joker' crew, I only lost 2 models to casualty (one was a self destruct), and I had managed to wipe the table clean of any Bats.

Joker wins 52-15


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