June 9, 2019

Battle Report: BMG 6/8/2019 (Batman vs League of Assassins)

It was a Saturday afternoon, so that meant it was time for a game of Batman Miniature Game.  I have spent the past week working on the majority of my League of Assassins models, so I wanted to see how they would perform on the tabletop.

I wanted to try 'Ras Al Ghul' and 'Robin', so  went with the following list:

We randomly rolled for our game (quite a few times since we were rolling up the same scenarios we had just played), and it was "Two Fronts".

I was a little worried about my League of Assassins getting them into combat and not shot up, but once they got into combat, they just tore things up.

'Robin' (BatB) came in to attack 'Ras' and only managed 1 Stun, he followed up right away with a rule that allows 'Batman' to activate next and 'Batman' came into 'Ras'.  I was saving most of my DC for this attack, and 'Batman' only managed 2 more Stun.  'Ras' attacked back after Inspiring 'Robin' and 'Hasssasin 1' who were next to him and managed 2 Blood.  'Gordon' dropped a Light and did some damage on 'Robin' but he survived.  'Ki' from a distance sitting on my Ammo crate took a shot at 'Batman' and managed 2 more Blood and KD.  Now 'Batman' was an easy target to hit and I still had 'Hasssasin 1' and my 'Robin' to activate.  'Hasssasin 1' struck first with 4 attacks (Inspire) and managed 4 hits, then successfully rolled all 4 damage dice for 8 Blood and killing 'Batman'.  That scored me 11 VP's, 6 for 'Batman', 2 for Assassin 2, 3 for the Scenario for killing a Boss.  LoA 'Robin' was then able to take out the BatB 'Robin'.  With the BatB losing both 'Batman' and 'Robin' in the same Round had really hurt.  The LoA manged to slaughter everyone in the city.  The last man standing was 'Alfred' and the LoA was not going to let that happen....off with his head.  The LoA cleared the board in Round 5 and won 83-7.


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