June 24, 2019

Weekly Chronicle 2019 #25

Week #25 for 2019 was a so-so week for  me.  For painting, I was able to get 4 models posted for the Batman Miniature Game with just a couple ready for this week (I did fall a little behind this week).

In gaming news, only one game was played this Friday night, X-Wing (no Battle Report).  I thought since we are playing X-Wing at this years NOVA Open at the end of August, we still need to get a few more games of practice in (so I can work out what list I want to play there).  I am hoping this week for another game of X-Wing, and then maybe Saturday afternoon get in another game of Batman Miniature Game.

This week is the last week for the second Quarter of 2019 (and the second Quarter was really good this year), let see how many more models I can squeeze in before the week is over.

Boba Fett getting the win in X-Wing for the Scum & Villainy

Models Completed: 4
Games Played: 1


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