November 28, 2017

Daily Chronicle: AdeptiCon 2018 Registration

I have been so busy the last two weeks with my other hobby, that I forgot to mention AdeptiCon 2018 Registration went live Friday night November 17th, 2017.

Luckily I used a calendar reminder on my phone and I jumped on registration as soon as it went live.  I am glad I did, one of the events my son wanted to play in sold out that evening.

Originally the plan was for my son and I to play in the “Bolt Action Team Tournament” on Friday, “Warmachine/Hordes Team Tournament” on Saturday, and the “Homelands Cup” for Guild Ball on Sunday.  We’ve been planning the “Bolt Action Team Tournament” since last years AdeptiCon, but neither of us has played much this past year that we decided to choose a different event.

My son has been interested in the “Batman Miniature” game, and that tournament “The Battle for the Cowl 3” was scheduled for Friday and he chose that he wanted to participate in that event.  Luckily that I registered right away, as that event was the one that sold out quickly, 40 spots.

So now I had to choose something to do on Friday.  I like just walking around conventions, catching up with old friends and shopping in the vendor hall, but this is a gaming convention, I need to sign up for an event.  Seeing how I my number one goal for 2018 will be to play more Guild Ball, I decided to sign up for the “Guild Ball AdeptiCon Championship” (currently sold out), not that I plan on doing good in this event, but it will be a good way just to get some more games in.

We are sticking to playing in the “Warmachine/Hordes Team Tournament” on Saturday, and the “Guild Ball Homelands Cup” on Sunday (at the time of this writing, both of these events still have some spots available).

As of now, it looks like AdeptiCon 2018 will be my first con of the year for 2018.  This year (2017), my son and I kicked off the year by going to the Las Vegas Open, I flew down to Phoenix, picked up my son and we drove to Las Vegas.  With the announcement of SteamCon USA (happening this weekend), the funding for Las Vegas Open will not be there since I am flying out my son this Thursday for SteamCon USA, then again for AdeptiCon in March.  Plus for LVO 2018, there are no Guild Ball events listed.  It seems that at that time of the year, Steamforged Games will be endorsing CaptainCon on the East Coast.


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