November 10, 2017

Guild Ball: The Union in Chains - Week Five - Results

We are heading into the final weekend to get results in for The Union in Chains (besides games that will also be played at SteamCon UK).  The last day to record any games is Monday November 13th.

This past week, the Engineer’s Guild really turned things around.  I guess the Guild really wants the new ‘Veteran Harry’.

Also during the week, ‘Obulus’ sent a letter to the Hunter’s Guild informing them that they will be taking ‘Veteran Hemlocke’ in return the Hunter’s are getting ‘Veteran Minx’

I am sorry to see the Mason’s Guild losing to the Brewer’s, but I am happy the Fisherman are winning over the Butcher’s.  Let’s see if the Fisherman can hold them off.


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