November 13, 2017

Daily Chronicle: SteamCon Swag Box

Steamforged Games announced over the weekend the contents of the SteamCon Swag Box.  SteamCon UK is taking place this weekend November 17th-19th and SteamCon USA will be December 1st-3rd (Chicago area).

I have not gotten in a game of Guild Ball in quite awhile, but I am looking forward to SteamCon.  My oldest son is flying in from Arizona for the event, and I plan on getting in a lot of friendly games with him trying out all my different guilds.

Anyway’s back to the contents of the Swag Box.

  • 1x Metal Skulk Miniature
  • 1x Old Jake's Coaster
  • 1x Guild Tattoo Sheet
  • 6x Random Guild Cards (Yes, they're the new errata cards)
  • 1x Union in Chains Ball
  • 1x SteamCon Goal Token
  • 1x SteamCon Bottle Opener
  • 2x SteamCon Bang Sticks
  • 1x SteamCon Lanyard & SteamCon Ribbon

Steamforged also surprised us with an announcement that the next two 6-man boxes for the Farmer’s and Blacksmith’s Guild will be sold at SteamCon with a strict 1 per customer.  Good thing I have 2 son’s coming with me.

Farmer's Guild: Old Father's Harvest

Blacksmith Guild: Master Crafted Arsenal


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