November 1, 2017

Guild Ball: Sing When You’re Winning, The Brewer's Guild

It’s the start of a new month, so I thought I’d better get a post in.  Last Friday October 20th, Steamforged Games released the newest set of 6 models and this time it was for the Brewer’s Guild.  It seemed to be a farely quiet release for them (probably with getting ready for both SteamCon’s and the global event The Union in Chains), anyways I was able to get an order in with an online retailer.  With a slight shipping delay (I was in no rush) I finally received my package this week.  ‘Sing When You’re Winning’ for the Brewer’s Guild complements the original 6 from the Kick-Off Starter Set bringing the Guild count to 12 models.  The box set consists of: Esters, PintPot, Veteran Spigot, Quaff, Mash and Stoker.  With this Brewer’s box set (not counting limited edition models and kickstarter models) I now have every model for every Guild, not all painted, but we are getting there.  Having every model painted will definitely be a goal for 2018.


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