December 20, 2016

Daily Chronicle: Shaking Off The Dust (Again)

Yea I know, I am always shaking of the dust. I go in spurts when it comes to wargaming. I enjoy so many hobbies, but can usually only concentrate on one at a time. Now that I back up North in the frozen tundra, the winter months keeps me from cycling outdoors, so it's time to get back to an indoor hobby.

A good part of my hiatus has been my move from Arizona to Michigan. After I came back from Lock & Load in June, the wife and I really started to look for house back in Michigan (with the original plan being we rent to my wife's sister for 2 years before we move up). Well plans change and the end of September had me loading up the moving truck. Unfortunately the truck was so full, that all my wargaming models/supplies had to stay behind at my mom's house with my oldest son.

The past 2 months here in Michigan kept me busy painting... that is painting bedrooms, kitchen, living room, bathrooms. Now that I am 95% done with that, it's a little boring up here by myself (wife and youngest son do not come up till May 2017) so I need to keep myself busy.

2016 was suppose to be the year of Warmachine/Hordes for me, and it truly was through June. For some reason last week the itch to play Bolt Action started coming back to me. I think part of the reason is that where I am located in Michigan, there is not much miniature wargaming, everything is about 50 mile drive. In Chicago (100 miles) I still have plenty of friends that play Bolt Action (and none of them play WM/H), so when I go to Chicago to visit, I can always get in a game of BA. I also found some Facebook groups that support Bolt Action around here (Michiana Bolt Action and Bolt Action Michigan).

Now is actually a pretty good time also for me to get back into BA, back in September, Warlord Games released Version 2 of the rulebook so most players are still getting a feel of the new rules. So I ordered my V2 book last week and I am now starting to go through it and see what has changed since V1.

But where are my models..... Back in I had my son this past weekend go through the garage and start packing up my models/armies and prepare them for shipping (he will be keeping his US Army with him, but is shipping my Soviets and Germans). Unfortunately during my move, I did not keep any of my paints I used for BA (just my WM/H paints), so I will have to put together an order for those. But at least I'll have my existing armies to try and get a few games in. I'll be luck to get in a game once a month, but thats not too bad and it'll give me time to paint new armies.

Thats all for now, we'll go into a little bit more detail when I write up my post for my plans for 2017.


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