June 5, 2016

Hordes: Trollbloods Dire Troll Blitzer (Warbeast)

Two months since a model hit this blog, that's pretty bad. But when you have as many hobbies as I do you need to priortize (plus lately I have been pretty lazy, my mind has been concentrating on house hunting out of state). Since Privateer Press's 'Lock & Load' is next weekend (and my son and I are leaving Wednesday) I thought it was time to get a model completed.
My Classic Dire Troll Blitzer has been sitting half painted on my table for over a month. Last night I decided "what the hell" and let's just slap on some colors and call him done. So not much effort really went into this guy, just wanted him done. All honestly not a fan of the 'classic' sculpt that much either, I prefer the new sculpt much better.
At least I can try him out in some 'Claw & Fang' battles next weekend with my son.
Dire Troll Blitzer
Dire Troll Blitzer
Painting Points: 5


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