June 22, 2016

Hordes: Minions Blind Walker (Warbeast)

This past Sunday was Father's Day and my oldest son actually got me a present this year. I usually do not expect anything from my three boys (since when I want something I go out and buy it myself), but it was nice to actually receive something this year.
Seeing how my oldest is into Warmachine/Hordes it was only fitting he bought me another model. He knows that I really like to paint my Minions army, so he bought me the new Blind Walker / Wrastler model. Seeing how I already have a Wrastler model completed in the old sculpt (and I really did not one of each sculpt) I decided to model this kit as Blind Walker. My Minion army is fully painted and I like to try and keep it that way, so Sunday afternoon I put aside the Trollbloods I was assembling and opened up Blind Walker and starting assembling him. Sunday night saw the primer hit the model and I spent any free time on Monday/Tuesday to complete the model.
It has been awhile since I painted a Warbeast for my Minions and I am trying to keep them all uniform in color scheme (luckily I wrote down all my colors). I believe he came out matching really good and I am really happy with him. Now we just have to see if he is actually any good on the gaming table.
Blind Walker
Blind Walker
Blind Walker
Painting Points: 5


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