February 20, 2015

Warhammer 40K Gaming Board (Secret Weapon)

The past week I have been debateing about what kind of gaming board I want for my garage. I currently have the original Games Workship grass mat, and a brown 6'x4' felt mat, but I do not have anything really for Warhammer 40K.

I've been debating between a black felt mat, Frontline Gaming Mat, GW's new 40K realm of battle board, and making my own board from pink foam. Pink foam is very hard to find here in Arizona, but I came across a 1" 8'x4' board last night night. So today I had decided I was going to go the way of the pink foam board and just make my own ruined board, then I came across the Secret Weapon Miniatures website and they now make gaming tiles in 1'x1' pieces and you get 24 tiles.
You can choose between 'Forgotten City', 'Rolling Fields', 'Scrap Yard', 'Urban Street-Clean', and 'Urban Street-Damagesd'. I really liked the way 'Urban Street-Damaged' looks and decided to order this board.

All orders over $150 included free shipping which was plus. Hopefully we'll get the tiles next week and I can start getting them painted.

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  1. I thought about this but having seen a lot of photos where the squares didn't seem to lay well against each other I decided against it. Twenty four separate squares is a lot of joins! The GW one is nice but very busy and very expensive. I've decided on this mat from Gamemat: http://www.gamemat.eu/6x4-g-mats/6x4-g-mat-mayhem-square-pre-order.html