February 23, 2015

Garage Cleanup (Dragan's Lair)

Over the last few years, my garage has gone through quite a few cleanups depending on which hobby I am currently interested in. Originally when we moved in 5 years ago it was mainly for storage (since we do not have basements here in Arizona) with room for a gaming table.
Then I went on a gaming hiatus and cleared out all the items in my garage into a storage unit and placed a custom wood routed 16'x19' 1/24th slot car track.
Once I was done with slot cars (the track is now located not far away at a friends garage), the items from storage returned and I setup a work area for my RC cars.
Now my hiatus from gaming is currently over and all the items went back into a storage unit this weekend. My son and I spent all day Sunday getting the garage cleaned up and turned into the 'Dragan's Lair'.
The first picture below shows a work in progress (I forgot to take an initial picture when we first started cleaning), and the second picture shows the end result. My son really wanted the carpet in there (so it looked more like a gaming den) so we ran out to our local atHome store and picked up a couple of 9'x7' rugs.


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