July 21, 2010

Daily Chronicle: 7/21/2010: Time To Catch Up

Wow, 2 weeks since my last post.  Sorry for the delay in between posts.  2 weeks ago I stated July will be a slow month for painting, and sure enough it is.

I haven't been doing nothing the last 2 weeks, just a few different items.

First, my family and I started playing some more board games on the week nights.  We picked up a few new games for us, 'Smart Ass', 'Sequence' and 'Family Business' and we have been having a blast playing those.  I also finally cracked the seal on Lord of the Rings Trilogy Edition Risk and my son and I played a game of that.  After playing LotR Risk, I had to go out and buy the new version of Risk (with the objectives) and we played a game of that.

Secondly, I have also played a few games of W40K during this span also.  A few league games and a few friendly games.

Finally, I have broken out some more of my LotR models.  My son has been begging to get more games of LotR in (honestly I have not played LotR in a very long time).  I probably have more unfinished models for LotR than I do for any other game system, so it is probably time that we get some of those finished up.

On that note, I also cracked open the rulebook for War of the Ring (WotR) this past week.  I played one or two games when the book first came out, but never really played anything seriously.  I heard stories on all the forums about all the broken combination's that can be done and this distracted me from the game.  Now with the release of the new version of Warhammer Fantasy, the 'fantasy' in me is starting to stir.  I really do love the 'world' of 'Lord of the Rings' so I think I am going to give WotR a chance for friendly games with my son.  The games between the two of us will not have all the broken combination's, so I think it can be a fun game.  While I'm painting my models to expand my WotR armies this will also expand my armies for LotR SBG.

So the other day I broke out some Morannon Orcs and threw them on the painting table.  I have 24 Orcs to paint for now and I decided to start with 6 to see if I like the paint scheme.  A separate post later today will show the Orcs.

It looks like the itch for LotR/WotR is slowly coming back.


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