July 1, 2010

Painting Points: June 2010

I did not realize it was already July 1st until I made the post about the Biel Tan Guardian and saw the date on the post.  4th of July weekend here is the USA is just around the corner.

Another triple digit month of Painting Points for me in June.  Just barely, I squeaked in right at 100 Painting Points for the month.

Recap for the month of June:

At the end of May I had decided to start a 1500 point Imperial Fists army.  Well that army was completed in June.

My Ultramarines army was also completed to 1500 points.  Wow, two armies completed in one month.

I added a Leman Russ Battle Tank to my Imperial Guard army.  I am having fun adding to this army.  Once the Blood Angels are completed, look for more vehicles being added to the Imperial Guard.

Was able to finally start on my Blood Angels army, and I painted up the 3 Sanguinary Priests that I will be running.

Last but not least, Vulkan He'stan was completed for my son's Salamanders army (he was thrilled).

With all the above painting being done, I still manage to go out and game once or twice a week.

I honestly do not see  myself having another triple digit month for July.  We are going away the last week of the month for a 'stay-cation' so most of my funds for new models are being saved for that.  I am hoping to possibly hit 50 points for July.  Time to dig out some more vehicles!

Total Painting Points for the month: 100
Total Painting Points for the year: 572

Thanks to Lone Pilgrim and Equinox for the idea of Painting Points.


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