March 31, 2009

Project Updates: 3/31/2009

Well its been almost 2 weeks since my last post and an update is well overdue. Been busy with various projects, playing games, and weekend birthday parties and of course getting ready for AdeptiCon which is taking place this weekend.

Besides running the LotR Singles Championships this Friday (which I really did not have to much to do beforehand, Jamie W is the TO for the event and he had written all the scenarios/scoresheets, I'll just physically be running the tourney.) I was tasked with making Tournament Packets. I used to do all the packets for AdeptiCon years ago, but with the event growing every year, I only had time to put together the following: Battlefleet Gothic, Bloodbowl, LotR Singles/Doubles, Necromunda, Warhammer 40K Combat Patrol, Warhammer 40K Youngbloods, Warhammer Ancient Battles Singles/Doubles. Thats still a lot of packets and it is very time consuming to make them all nice and pretty. Then the TO's sometimes have typo's and I have to go back re-edit and re-PDF the packets. I'm happy to say that the packets are all finally done.

Now onto some of the projects and what's left to do.

Display board for my sons LotR 350 point army: Almost done, board is put together and base coated. Need to dry bush a highlight layer and then flock with static grass. Its nothing fancy, just something to make it easy for him to move his army around between games.

Movement Trays: Trays for my Empire Fantasy army that I will be playing in Sunday's Team Tournament have been repainted to match the new color of my bases. All thats left is to "matte" coat them.

Army Lists: Need to print multiple copies of all Army Lists for my son and I.

Batttlefleet Gothic:
Imperial Navy: I had about 1200 points of Imperial Navy (mostly from the starter box) so I built and painted these up last week for my son to play. We also played another game of BFG last week and it was good time. No pics at the moment, but I'll try and get some up soon.

No updates to report. Models are still sitting unprimed. Unfortunately these slid down a little bit on my list of projects.

No updates to report. Not sure when I will get to finish these guys.

No updates to report. The last model I finished was the Mordor Troll. Waiting for WotR to come out this weekend and then I'm sure I'll have plenty to assemble and paint.

Warhammer Fantasy:
Empire: Re-based 1000 points so I can match my teammate for the AdeptiCon Team Tournament. Eventually I will get around to re-basing the rest of the army.

Dark Elves: No updates to report. Besides buying some models in Arizona before I left for Chicago, they have been sitting untouched.

Dwarfs: No updates to report. I have about 2000 points of Dwarfs painted, and about another 2000 points that need basing and touching up.

Wood Elves: No updates to report. This is my sons army, and I have not touched it in awhile.

Honestly I thought I'd be playing more Fantasy when I moved back to Chicago, but I prefer playing LotR and W40K over Fantasy. Plus the model count is a lot less. (until WotR gets released). Once in awhile we will throw down a Fantasy game, but I don't see myself finishing up any of these projects in the near future.

Warhammer 40K:
Dark Angels (son): He's had his DA army for quite a few years and we have been slowly adding to it. Recently we purchased some Terminators so he can run a Deathwing list. The models are all assembled and primed, they just need to be painted. This one also slid down the list a bit since I am painting a new army for him.

Salamanders (son): Shortly after the new Space Marines Codex came out at the end of 2008, my son and I have started to purchase models for him so he can play a "generic" Space Marine list that will be themed after the Salamanders. Since he purchased a lot of these models with his own money, I have slid this army to the top of my painting list. We have about 1000 points already assembled and primed. This past week I finished painting his 2 Troop Squads, they came out quite nicely (pics to come soon). Last night he purchased a Land Raider Redeemer. We'll be using this in his 1250/1500/1750 point lists. Its all about having fun with your toys. I know at 1250 its probably overkill, but who cares, let him have some fun. My goal is to have 1500 points painted by the end of April, 1750 would be nice.

Chaos Thousand Sons: No updates to report. I have close to 1000 points painted and have 1750 assembled and primed. Eventually these will get done.... I did say eventually.

Orks: No updates to report. Close to 1750 points are assembled and just sitting bare plastic. I decided to go with a "horde" army. Oh well, I want to get these done just to have another evil army to play, but I have other armies I prefer playing instead. I don't mind playing these "bare" for now. This is one army I am highly considering outsourcing to paint, but that will be pricey. Never know, maybe I'll ship them to my friend Tim K in Phoenix to paint for commission :)

Ultramarines: No updates to report. Back in Phoenix I assembled and base coated a 1750 point Ultramarine Drop Pod list after the new Codex came out. If I have time in April (after the Salamanders) I'll start adding some of the highlights. This is one army I really want to finish and I have plenty of other models/vehicles I can expand with this army. The Ultramarines will eventually become my Space Marine army that I will always expand on.

Imperial Guard: Well the new Codex for Imperial Guard comes out May 2nd. As always I got the itch then to start an IG army. I had a very nice one years ago, but never played it much and then sold it to a close friend. Now I'm regretting it, but it allows me to start fresh. I've been slowly picking up some of the Cadian Troopers. Right now you can get 20 Cadians for $35.00. The rumor has it they will start to be packaged as 10 for $22.00. So a lot of people are picking these up now. I'll hold off on the tanks for awhile until I see what kind of variants Games Workshop releases. I'll probably start assembling some of the Troopers in downtime (or just when I dont fell like painting) and move this army to the top of the list for the month of May.

I can see the IG and UM as my future W40K Armies that will be expanding. I'll always have other armies to play with, but these will grow.


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