March 19, 2009

BFG: First Game

Well its been almost 4 years since I painted my Chaos Black Legion Fleet for Battlefleet Gothic and I finally got in my first game of BFG on Monday night. I scheduled an intro game with my friend Robert at the Battle Bunker, (Robert will be the Tournament Organizer for BFG at AdeptiCon 2009).

We played with 750 point fleets just so I could get a hang on how the game plays. Some of the advanced rules like ramming and boarding we did not cover in this session. Again I just wanted to get a feel on how it plays.

It was very fun, and its very different. Tactical is all I can say. There were times where I didn't want to move because I like my position for the shot, but in BFG you must move each ship in the Movement Phase at least half its distance. The thing is, you cant go backwards, always forward and most ships are only allowed one turn.

I'm looking forward to getting a couple more games in under my belt so I can fully understand the rules. I was hoping to get back out there last night, but I didn't finish painting my sons Imperial Fleet in time. Hopefully Friday night we'll head back out.

Here are some pics of my Chaos Black Legion, again these were painted close to 4 years ago.





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