March 11, 2009

LotR: Mordor Troll

After GitD 2008, I picked up the new plastic Mordor Troll and it's been sitting on my shelf for months. With WotR coming out next month, and my urge to work on my "Dol Guldur" list for LotR, I decided to break out my Mordor Troll.

I spent Saturday with my oldest son showing him how to build some models while I worked on the Troll. I started painting the Troll on Monday, and finished him yesterday.


  1. When did you switch over to the new Old West Blog? I like the format here. I'll be sure to come back more often.

    By the way, great troll!

  2. A few weeks ago I started to really get into LoTOW.

    I thought originally I'd keep the blogs separate, but I'm getting used to using this one.