March 4, 2009

First Games of LoTOW

Sorry for the delay in writing this, but actually been busy painting. Getting ready for AdeptiCon 2009, I had to touch up my Warhammer Fantasy Empire Army for the Fantasy Team Tournament, and I have to work on getting together a 350 point force for the LotR Team Tournament.

Anyways, this past Saturday 2/28/09 my son and I got in a couple of LoTOW games. We played two games of High Noon. Figures/Building are not yet painted (they will have to wait till after ACon) but we threw down anyways.

I played the Lawmen consisting of 8 models, a Sheriff/Deputy/3 Vigilantes/3 Citizens. My son played Outlaws consisting of 10 models, a Desperado/9 Rowdies. We each had a mix of weapons from sixguns, heavy pistols, rifles, repeating rifles, and shotguns. We each played with $200 starting posse.

In the first game, the Lawmen won, and in the Second game, the Outlaws won. They were 2 fun games and quite different from LotR. I really enjoy all the shooting that takes place in the game. Its a good change from all the HtH that takes place in LotR.

We'll be playing again this weekend, and I think we'll probably start doing a campaign between the two of us. Seems like it will be fun playing with the experiance and upgrades and purchasing more models for the posse. My son really wants to play with Billy the Kid, so we'll see if he can earn enough money.


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