March 9, 2009

WotR: Quick Start Game

So yesterday my son and I headed to the Chicago Battle Bunker with models in tow to try out the new Quick Start Rules and sample Scenario for War of the Ring.

We played the following armies based on the Scenario that was given.

2 companies of Minas Tirith Warriors
1 company of Minas Tirith Archers
3 companies of Minas Tirith Knights
3 companies of Rangers of Gondor

3 companies of Morannon Orc Warband (with shields)
3 companies of Warg Riders
2 companies of Orc Warriors (with shields)
1 Mordor Troll

I played the Evil Force, while my son played the Good Force.


Victory Condition:

To win this scenario, the forces of Evil need to get
at least a quarter of their companies off the board
via the eastern board edge, whereas Good need to
destroy enough of the Evil force to prevent this.
Note that monsters, such as the Mordor Troll, are a
single company.

The Good Forces ended up defeating the Evil Forces as I was not able to get any one off the table edge.

WotR seems like a fun game, but I did not care too much for the QSR. It does not include a lot of charts for Shooting and Charging which I think could have possibly changed the game.

I also do not think WotR is for these type of scenarios. I can see myself playing WotR with more of a Pitched Battle type of game.


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