April 2, 2009

AdeptiCon 2009 - 1 Day Away

Well AdeptiCon 2009 is officially just one day away.

"dot the i's, cross the t's" thats what this morning was all about.

Display Base for my son's LotR Singles Championship is done.
Matte coating of my Fantasy movement trays are done.
Printed lists are done.

All final tasks for AdeptiCon 2009 are now done.

Its going to still be a busy afternoon. I have to make two airport runs today. My friends Tim K and John L are flying in from Phoenix and landing at 1:00 PM at O'Hare airport, and my friend Sean R will be coming in from Tucson and landing at Midway airport at 2:35 PM.

So I need to pick up Tim/John from O'Hare and then drop them off at the hotel and then continue on to Midway to pick up Sean. After the airport runs, we'll probably chill out for awhile, then all grab some dinner tonight at Portillo's and pay a visit to the GW Chicago Battle Bunker. Tim and Sean and never been to the bunker before.

So onto this weekend, what's in store for me and my son.

Friday: Run the LotR Singles Championship
Saturday: Team up with Sean R and play in the LotR Team Tournament
Sunday: Team up with Chris W and play in the Warhammer Team Tournament

Friday: Play in the LotR Singles Championship
Saturday: Play in the Warhammer 40K Team Tournament (I found him a team that was looking for a fourth person.)
Sunday: Play in the Warhammer 40K Youngbloods Tournament

Friday/Saturday night we'll see if there is any room to play in the Legends of the High Seas big game that Tim K will be running.

I'm looking forward to this weekend. I'm teamed up with two great Generals in both of my events, so I'm hoping that we fare pretty well in those events. Win or Loss, it will be a good time.


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