December 2, 2021

Daily Chronicle: Cruisehammer 2022 August 7th-14th

Last week I came across an event that I never knew had existed, the Cruisehammer event has been going on since 2016, but the last few years it has been cancelled due to COVID.

So what is Cruisehammer 2022?

"For those unfamiliar, Cruisehammer is a week-long adventure where you join us for either a Warhammer 40,000 tournament or Age of Sigmar tournament on a cruise. In 2022, we will be cruising throughout the Caribbean! Cruisehammer 2022 is booked from Aug 7th to Aug 14th leaving from Galveston, TX."

Usually in the Fall time my son and I try to hit up the Events, NOVA Open, Michigan GT, Renegade Open, but Cruisehammer 2022 is going to have to replace those events this year (except for the Michigan GT since it is so close).

Once I found out about the event, I asked my son if he was interested, yes he was.... check... now I had to run it by the wife and make sure it was okay with her (my wife loves cruises and she is going on one next month so I knew she would not ask to come along, plus vacation days are tight for her), the wife said yes... check... now I had to fill out the registration form and get our deposits paid... check... my son and I are confirmed for Cruisehammer 2022.

For more information about Cruisehammer 2022, schedule / pricing/ registration, you can visit their page,


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