November 20, 2019

Daily Chronicle: ALPHA Game Table v4.0 By Firmer Terra

Now that my interest has gotten back into Warhammer 40000, playing larger games on my existing 4'x4' table is not going to work.

When I first moved here to Michigan and setup my mancave, I had thought about purchasing a foldable gaming table and had actually looked in v1.0 of the ALPHA Game Table By Firmer Terra.  At that time though, I was no longer playing games that required a 6'x'4 table and elected just for a plywood 4'x'4 table topper. for the games I played like Guild Ball and X-Wing.

3 years later and I am now requiring a 6'x'4 for the larger point games of Warhammer 40000.  I thought about just purchasing a 6'x4' topper, but having 1' hang over each side would mean that material would need to be made of at least 3/4" MDF, and moving a board that size/weight would be really hard to do (let alone find an open wall to store it against).

The past 2 years while attending NOVA Open and AdeptiCon, Firmer Terra has been there promoting their ALPHA Game Table, so when I started looking into tables again a few weeks ago, they were the first and only site I visited.  At the time they were currently out of stock and waiting on shipment of a v4.0 model and I signed up to be notified when they would be back in stock.  I received that email 2 weeks ago and placed my order right away.  One thing that I really liked was that v4.0 was now coming in all black color.

When I ordered the table, I had possibly thought I could just use it as a topper over my existing table but could not be sure till we actually received the product.  Well yesterday afternoon my table was delivered (excellent packaging, double boxed with no damage) and my son and I proceeded to open it up.  I removed all the leg extensions stored under the table and we attempted t place the table on top, unfortunately for 2 hinges (1 on each side), we could not place the table flat on my existing 4'x4'.  I could always just move my existing table over by 2' and then we would be able to setup the table.

That is when I looked over to my large bar, and thought I think it will actually work on top of the bar (middle section is more narrow than the ends) and the hinges from the ALPHA Game Table would not interfere, so my son and I placed it on top, and I think it is going to work.  It is a bit taller than my other table, but it is going to work and I do not have to rearrange my existing furniture.

Now it is time to start collecting some more 6'x'4 gaming mats.


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