November 18, 2019

Weekly Chronicle 2019 #46 (Week Of Renegade Open)

In 4 days we will be leaving for the Renegade Open up in Minneapolis, Minnesota for one of the largest Batman Miniature Game tournaments ever and I believe I am all set for the event.

We will be playing a smaller 250 Rep event on Friday, and the main event on Saturday is 350 Rep and there are close to 50 people signed up for that event.  I originally was going to play my 'Joker' crew on Friday and 'League of Assassins' crew on Saturday, but sometime a month or so ago I elected to change it to my 'Joker' crew for both days.  I think just having to remember the rules for one crew for the weekend will be much easier for me.  I am hoping that after 4 games on Friday, I should know them well enough for Saturday.  We did manage to get in one practice 350 Rep game in this past Saturday, and I was very happy with my result, a win 29-13.

On the painting side of the hobby this past week, nothing was completed, but instead I took my time assembling my models for my Imperial Fists army.  All the models I need for 1500 points are assembled, and I only need one more completed for the full 2000 points.  I also do have some models on my painting table, so I am hoping to get one more Unit completed before we leave to Minnesota on Thursday.

Models Completed: 0
Games Played: 1


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