August 23, 2017

Guild Ball: Butcher's Guild 'Ox'

As I mentioned previously, while I was showcasing my Mortician models the last 8 days, I also started working on my new Butcher's Guild. I had 9 Butcher models (of a Guild size of 12) waiting to be painted, and recently just ordered the remaining 3 so I can have a full Guild.  The remaining 3 should be arriving either today or tomorrow.

I am really looking forward to giving these guys a try on the pitch.  I like scoring goals in this game, but something about taking out other players is intriguing me.

First up we will start with one of the Captain's for the Guild, the original 'Ox'.  At the end of July of this year, 'Ox' did go through some errata changes to apply even some more damage.  SteamForged Games is trying to make the Guild Captains more on a equal playing ground, and it seems that most of the Butcher players were choosing the other Captain in 'Fillet'.  We'll see if his errata changes will have 'Ox' on the pitch more often.




Painting Points: 1


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