August 19, 2017

Guild Ball: On the Butcher's Block

Two posts in one day.....Just wanted to give a head's up on what is coming down the pipeline.  This past week while I have been showcasing my Mortician's Guild for Guild Ball, I have also been modeling/painting a new Guild for me, The Butcher's Guild.  I first picked up a few models at the end of May while visiting my son back in Arizona and the local game store had a clearance table of some models, and then when I got back to Michigan, I ordered the starter set for them.  In total I was able to pick up 9 models at a pretty decent price (also the other day I ordered the remaining 3 models that I need to complete the entire Guild).

The Butcher's Guild reminds me a lot of Khador when I played Warmachine and my Warcaster Butcher (ironic).  I loved his playstyle of charging in and killing everything in site. I am hoping these guys play the same, with also the possibility of maybe a few goals.

Butchers’ play style has been designed to be quite straightforward. They are masters of the mid to late game. They excel at damage output and generate a lot of momentum through combat and damage effects. They provide each other with a good assortment of buffs and debuffs in order to allow combo play. Butchers mainly focus on raw damage.

That’s not to say that they don’t have some surprises up their sleeves - characters like Shank and Boiler can pop up and surprise you with their goal threats if you’re not careful …


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