January 29, 2013

W40K: IG Veterans With Plasmaguns

Well I could not get back into Warhammer 40K and not have anything painted for the month of January.

Since I am going to be heading out of town tomorrow for a few days, I wanted to make sure and get something done.  I am currently working on a Vendetta also for my Imperial Guard army, but thought I'd also add some specialist weapons to my army.  With 6th edition, it seems like Plasmaguns are the way to go.  I currently have 4 Veteran Squads, 2 armed with 3 Meltaguns and 2 armed with 3 Plasmaguns.  I figure I'd paint up 3 more Plasmagun troopers in case I want to swap some of the Meltaguns out.

The other day I went digging through my IM bitz box and dug out the pieces needed.  After assembling the model it was time to spray the base coat on the models.  This is where I was worried, I originally started painting this army over three years ago and I used 'The Army Painter' "Desert Yellow" spray for my basecoat.  It was time to dig out the cans from years ago......  I tested the spray on a junk sprue, and sure enough it still worked.  I then proceeded with the basecoat of the models.  All looked good when they dried and I then continued on each model.  Also when I started this army, I used 'The Army Painter' "Strong Tone" dip, half way through I had switched to Polyshades due to price.  I now decided to go back to the 'The Army Painter' brand.

While taking a photo of my Vendetta in progress, I ended up catching these guys in the background.  Here are the 3 Plasmagun Troopers prior to getting their dip.

Yesterday afternoon I brushed the dip on, then this morning finished the bases and sprayed the dullcote.

When I get back this weekend I will finish up the Vendetta and have a great start for February.

Painting Points: 3


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