January 28, 2013

Daily Chronicle: 1/28/2013 'Rebirth of AdeptusArizona.com'

Back in 2005 when I first moved to Arizona from Chicago, I was a dedicated Games Workshop hobbyist and loved to promote the hobby to the gaming community.  I had successfully run a hobby forum called Illinois Warhammer Fantasy Battles and wanted to do the same for Arizona, so I launched AdeptusArizona.com.  Well through the years and being involved in other hobbies also, I decided to take down Adeptus Arizona and hand the reigns over to WargamerAZ.com for the local community.

Seeing how my interest in Warhammer 40K has once again risen in the last two weeks, I decided today to resurrect my domain AdeptusArizona.com and point it to my new blog.  A lot of those posts are old as I had exported them from my this blog The Old West Chronicle.  Adeptus Arizona will be used to track my hobbying/gaming for Warhammer 40K, and The Old West Chronicle will still be used for any other miniature gaming I still may be involved in.

Over the next few days I'll be slowly removing any Warhammer 40K posts I have on this blog so that there will not be redundancy between the two blogs.

So head on over to AdeptusArizona.com and follow along in my new blog.


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