May 4, 2009

LoTHS: 3 Down 4 To Go

Making Tim proud!!!!!

A little over a year ago, my buddy Tim K in Phoenix, AZ released his miniature book "Legends of The High Seas" for Warhammer Historical. Just before the book was released in the US, I went over to Eureka Miniatures USA and purchased myself around 30 pirates to prepare for the book.

When my miniatures arrived, I quickly assembled/based/primed 12 of them for my Pirate Crew. I finished painting 5 of them and the other 7 just sat in their primed state waiting for attention. The funny thing, the whole time I was living in Arizona, I never did get to get a game in. Most of the time Tim and I would hook up and play LotR or to discuss items for Gathering in the Desert.

Like I wrote in a earlier post, John@PlasticLegions will be running a LoTHS Campaign this month on the 15th. He sent me a message telling me I can play if I could have my Pirate Crew done in time.

Well the 7 lonely pirates came out of hiding this morning, and I was able to complete 3 of them. There not high quality paint jobs, but they are tabletop quality for sure. I have 4 more to get done in 11 days. This is very doable.

I only need 10 complete for Pirate Crew of 200 Gold Doubloons, but I figure to have 2 extra in case I find some more gold.

Once I get the 12 complete/dull coated, I'll post pictures of my crew.

-Aargh Maty-


  1. About Bloody Time you get those Pirates out! Now I want to see pictures Dean!

  2. Pictures are coming soon.... I promise... just one more to go...