May 6, 2009

LoTHS: Pirate Crew Is Complete

I know Tim..... finally....

My Pirate Crew in is finally complete. Really looking forward to trying them out on the 15th. Eventually in due time I'll have to get a Crew painted up for my son.

Captain Christopher Condent, Mate Roosevelt Read, Quartermaster William "Patch" Dampier

Cutthroats Fineglin' Darius Scarr & Musket Ball Ferdinand

Rogue's Bernard Mauvebeard, Hubert the Cash-Strapped, Seamus the Off-White, Laird the Hatless, Edmund Kidd, Bryan the Back-Stabber, Brody Dregg

The Rogues were the last seven pirate's I had to complete for my Crew. I'm actually quite happy how they turned out. I got to play around with the GW Foundation Paints and GW Washes on these guys.


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