February 27, 2009

Cowboys Assembled

Well, I spent the last two nights assembling all 48 cowboys and got them done. Painting them will be a different story. With AdeptiCon coming up the first weekend in April, I still have alot to get ready for that. I need to make sure my sons armies are done for LotR and W40K. I need to make sure my Fantasy army is ready for the Team Tourney, and I just found out yesterday I may be playing in the LotR Team Tourney that Saturday. If I end up playing on Saturday, I may have to paint up some more LotR to add to my army.

So the cowboys will probably wait till after AdeptiCon before they see any paint (then WotR will also be coming out......)

I'll still play with the cowboys unpainted until then, but probably just at home. Playing at a store with unpainted mini's is something I really dont like to do.

So come back tomorrow for a write up of our first LotOW game.


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