February 17, 2009


Welcome to The Old West Chronicle. The blog for Miniature Gaming set in the Old West. I will use this blog to detail and keep track of my progress with my gaming and miniatures from the Old West era. I also have miniatures from The Lord of the Rings and Legends of The High Seas that I will also be posting here. The miniature scale that I use is considered to be 25-28mm.

The main ruleset that I will be playing with for Old West is "Legends of The Old West" by Warhammer Historical. This is a "skirmish" style of game play where each posse has a maximum of 12-15 miniatures (not including "Hired Guns"). LoTOW gameplay is very similiar to the other two games mentioned above, LotR and LoTHS. These smaller style skirmish games is what I enjoy playing most now, and the low model count helps in getting them painted.

Well sit back and relax and I hope you enjoy the wagon ride out west.


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