February 17, 2009

Black Scorpion Miniatures

So the other day I made my first investment into Legends of The Old West. After spending quite a few hours researching all the different miniatures for Old West out there, I decided to go with Black Scorpion Miniatures. They have a very nice line called Tombstone and enough variety for me to get started. My other option would have been Wargames Foundry. They also have a very large collection for Old West and I still may mix-n-match with them to add some more flavor.

To start out with, I went with the following:
Billy The Kid (x1)Pat Garrett (x1)
Sheriff (x1)
Tombstone 1 (x2)
Tombstone 2 (x2)
Tombstone 3 (x2)
Tombstone 4 (x2)
Tombstone 7 (x1)

This should be enough models for me to get started with my son. I eventually plan to add some of their Outlaw, Mexicans and Apache models once I expand into the LoTOW Supplements.

1 comment:

  1. these figures are very nice and your painting is superb