February 17, 2009

Old West Terrain

So you cant play with Old West miniatures unless you have some Old West terrain. Again, it took awhile researching on the web to find some that I like and that was cost effective. There is a manufacturer here in the states that does make 28mm terrain, but they are currently in the process of selling to another manufacturer. So their new site was not ready yet, so I had to look elsewhere.

I ended up finding a company called Frontline Wargaming. Frontline Wargaming has a distributor here in the states RLBPS based in Rockford, IL. This was great. Seeing that I just moved back to Chicago, IL the shipping will be really quick. RLBPS was also currently selling alot of their Old West buildings for 25% off, so I had to snatch some up. For now I ordered around 8 buildings, again enough to get me started with a small town.

If it turns out that I like their buildings, I'll probably go ahead and order some more. Plus I'll also start to scratch build some buildings when I have time.

Here are some pics of the buildings that I purchased. They shipped out yesterday, so hopefully I'll have them soon and paint them up.


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