September 2, 2015

Daily Chronicle: 'I Think I Feel An Itch'

I seem to always start off with "well it's been x months since my last post", it has happened again. It has been close to 6 months since my last post, and nearly as long since I played any kind of game. I have been really dedicated lately into my 'cycling' and staying in shape (lost 85lbs in the last year and I want to make sure it stays off this time). So with all my early morning bicycle rides, I go to bed really early and just do not then have the time to get any gaming or modeling in.
My oldest son's 20th birthday is this Saturday (9/5) and we plan on spending the day together. First at the shooting range, then at our local gaming store (Empire Games) for an afternoon of gaming. I asked him what he wanted to play. Originally he mentioned Bolt Action, but I noticed lately he has gotten back into Warmachine/Hordes with a weekly group. I thought to myself, it has been 3 years since I last played, why not give it a shot. So I started to get an itch in my arm and it's not from my fresh tattoo I just got 2 weeks ago.
OK, the real itch is really from my tattoo (it is in the peeling phase at the moment), but I am starting to feel an itch for Warmachine/Hordes.
The one thing I had always liked about WM/H is that the model count is farely low in games. We used to play 15/25/35 point games and there were not too many models so setup was nice and quick (yes, in the 50 point games there are a lot more models) but still not as bad as Warhammer 40K (and the old Warhammer Fantasy).
The game also has a lot of single models, Warcasters, Warjacks, Solos, and I enjoyed painted those one at a time instead of always just painting Units in other games. I felt like I accomplished more in painting when I saw the finished model.
So I am now back to the learning phase of the game. My son is going to start to re-teach me the game with a 'battlebox' size game, then we'll move onto 15 and 25 points. Not sure if will have time on Saturday for anything larger than 25 points.
I am also in the process of downsizing our living spaces. We have been in a 1800 sq ft house for the last 5 years and next month we will be moving two blocks away into a new Luxury Apartment Complex into a 2 bedroom apartment. My oldest son will then move in with my Mom to keep her company with the passing of my Father back in November.
Cleaning up a house after 5 years is a lot of work, a lot of items are going into the trash. I am hoping in my new room I can have a permanent table for painting, but that may not be happening and may have to bring out the paint tray every time I want to paint, so my hobbying may still slide (but I will try and get a table setup so I do not lose any interest).
Not sure if I will get anything painted this month (with items already being boxed up), but I do have a bunch of P3 paints coming in tomorrow and may want to give a shot at another Warmachine model to paint. We shall see if I can squeeze it in.
To conclude, hopefully I am back into gaming (been coming and going)....just not sure how thin I can spread myself over all the games. I am suppose to play in a Bolt Action Tournament in February, but that may not be happening for me. Once I spread myself thin, interest gets lost for me. Once again my biggest issue is time.
Hopefully the cobwebs are now dusted off this blog.


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