March 9, 2015

Daily Chronicle: 3/9/2015 'Painting With A Deadline'

Like most of you who are reading this, I tend to get more accomplished when I am painitng with a deadline. I usually find an event in the near future that I would like to attend, then make my list, assemble my models and get them painted.
Since I will be attending 'The Broadside Bash' Warhammer 40K tournament at Kingdom-Con the weekend of April 23rd-26th with my son, that event is my current deadline.
Over the last few years since being removed from Warhammer 40K, I have thinned out a lot of the armies that I once had. So for current completed armies, all I have are my Space Marine Black Templars, and my Imperial Guard (Astra Militarum). The IG I usually play are all mechanized and a very tough army to play against (at least they used to be), and my Black Templars are more of 'fun' army for me to play with a good mix of assault and shooting. Seeing how I want to play in this tournament just for fun, I decided that I am going to be playing with my Black Templars and try to play more of a themed list.
I currently have about 2500-3000 points of Black Templars painted, but I feel like I needed a few different models for my 2000 point list for the tournament. Last week I completed a Stormraven Gunship that will be attending, and now next on the painting board is a Land Raider Crusader (yeah I know, how can I have a Black Templars army and not already have a Land Raider Crusader) well I did not, but now I will. Once the Land Raider Crusader is completed, then High Marshal Helbrecht will be next. Finally when those 2 models are completed and time allows, I have an old Vindicator model that I would like to replace with a current model.
Does not seem like much (3 models), but life always finds a way to interupt. So those 3 models are my goal for the next few weeks and my 2000 point list will be complete.
Once that gets completed.....I may elect to re-base my sons Dark Angels army that he will be playing (only if time allows).


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