March 9, 2015

Another Game.... Magic: The Gathering

It seems like every three years I tend to dabble with 'Magic: The Gathering'. Three years ago I played for a short while when they released the 'Avacyn Restored' set, then again three years prior to that. Well it happened again.....
I have always liked MTG for two reasons. One, it is a Fantasy based lore, Two, it has been around for a very long time and is not just a gimmick. The biggest problem I had with the game (and yes I know its a trading card game and the company needs to make money) is the fact you buy all these booster packs and have all these extra cards laying around and you are only going to use a few of them, unless you decide to spend a lot of money and buy the individual cards you want from the plentiful of sites out there. So now I have white boxes filled with cards in my room that most of them I will not use.
Well, starting with 2015 Core Set, they have released what is called 'Clash Packs', includes 2 ready-to-play 60 card decks (Two-Player), and these will be release with every other set. I thought this would be perfect for my son and I. Self contained playable decks without having all the extra cards laying around. Yes these decks are not the super competitive decks, but they can still be used for 'Friday night Magic'. Then with the in-between set releases, they still have their 'Event Decks' (One-Player). So my plan will be just to purchase the 'Clash Packs' and the 'Event Decks'. Keep those decks as-is, just so we can throw down for a game every now and then and keep the price realistic.
My first two 'Clash Packs' came in over the weekend, '2015 Core Set', and 'Fate Reforged'. I still need to pick up the 'Event Deck' for 'Khans of Tarkir' (released last Semptember) and the 'Event Deck' for 'Dragons of Tarkir' (releasing later this month).
Last night we played our first game with the '2015 Core Set' just to refresh on the rules, and I really enjoyed it. I am hoping by collecting this way that it gives me my 'Magic' fix, yet not stretching me too thin....
Boy do I need more hours in a day to play all the games I have....


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